Google is reportedly turning Android into Windows Phone (finally) and taking advantage of its portable operating system

What you need to know Remember Continuum from Windows Phone? A recent report suggests that Google is trying to do the same thing (finally) with Android. The report suggests that Google is experimenting with leveraging ChromeOS to act as a desktop interface…Read More »

Newly discovered “glitch” in Einstein’s theory of relativity may rewrite the rules of the universe, study suggests

A strange “cosmic glitch” i seriousness could explain the universe’s strange behavior on the largest scales, scientists suggest. First formulated by Albert Einstein In 1915, general relativity is still our best and most accurate understanding of how gravity works on medium to…Read More »

Review: Lorelei And The Laser Eyes (Switch) – An excellent puzzle-filled homage to Resident Evil

Trapped on Nintendo Switch (docked) It’s fair to say at this point that Annapurna Interactive has a hell of an eye for a good game. A laser eye if you will. The odd stumbles aside – Twelve minutes was a bit rubbish…Read More »

The meme stock rally caught hedge funds by surprise last time. Not this time

Hedge funds was surprised in early 2021, when private investors suddenly put pressure on GameStop stock as they had shorted. But when meme stock frenzy came back with a fury this week – and then whizzed by quickly – things were different.…Read More »